Sunday, 5 June 2016

Japanese Robot

Dr. Zimmer’s acquisition
caused his colleagues
to stop and wonder:

a single man, never wed,
never telling tales of
love and sex,
and now, living with this
curvy, comely being
made of wires in lieu of veins,
simulated layer of skin,
synthetic stream of hair.

Sue-Lin, her name, she has a name
he’d say, always emphasizing
she, never it,

and when we came to visit,
she was seated at the table,
greeting us with a blink,
a nod and a gracious smile;

and yes, he still did all the cleaning,
and yes, he spoke so very gently,
complimenting her,

even singing happy birthday
when we all sat down for cake
(which we never saw her eat);

and yes, hers was a separate bed,
in a separate room, and he always knocked
first, he told us, never touched her
without consent,

wrote some verse for her
in English,
awaiting her translation,
marvel she’d uncover
all his metaphors for love:

She was never really programmed
for either poetry or passion.

Andreas Gripp

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