Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Bulmer's latest launching on Hidden Brook

Deeply emotive and personal, April Bulmer’s latest collection of poems, And With Thy Spirit, treads gently amid visions from past events in the author’s present life as well as previous, indigenous incarnations with sublime, ethereal language and a weaving of the spiritual/corporeal. Freshly explored feelings, familial interaction and dialogue, prayer, and corresponding images from the natural and supernatural worlds are presented in Bulmer’s reverent narrative and feminist Christology, that, in its depth, clarity and accessible voice, continues to elevate her writing among those of the very best that Canada offers in 21st-century poetry.   

– Andreas Gripp

April Bulmer

Spring Fever

That season I opened
like the earth.
My hair long and loose.
Teepee warm with
smoke and herb.
My feet wet with Mother dirt.
I danced to the drum of my heart.
My man on the hunt
quick as bird.
I dreamt of wolf.
She brought pups
to the tent, moist with blood
and the moon came too.
Her light opened like a ragged bloom.
My shadow stretched across shadows
all that blue.

taken from And With Thy Spirit 
©2016 April Bulmer

If you are in the Toronto area on Sunday May 22nd ...

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