Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Poem of the Week: "Poem Written from the Inside" by S.J. White

Poem Written from the Inside

The first lines of this poem
I plucked from the sky
while the sun was called away;
they were loitering among the clouds.
I have laid them between hills
under the word for "tarn"
so that they will not billow
should the wind blow,
though a hindrance of beech trees
forms a wind-break to the north
which, in the interests of the poem,
I assembled from a small coppice.
Little girls are picking wildflowers
further down the hill;
I would have preferred them,
in deference to the poem,
to have been paddling
in the shallows of the tarn
but felt it much too much to ask.

© 2014 by S.J. White 
from his book, Oddities, 
published by Third Dimension Press, 
ISBN 978-0-9689463-0-5