Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Two Poems from "Creative Chaos" by Gordon and Everson

Creative Chaos
By Katherine L. Gordon and Lenny Everson
Passion Among the Cacti Press, 2014
ISBN 978-0-9782339-7-6

Southwestern Ontario poets Katherine L. Gordon and Lenny Everson have teamed up once again to deliver a back-and-forth series of poems in Creative Chaos. Although their styles differ significantly from each other, the poems surprisingly work together as a whole and below are two poems I was quite fond of and am presenting on the blog today ...

What Bird Should I Talk To

You are leaving as the sea summons
to listen to wave talk,
feel the siren winds calling
your restless spirit away.
You will pace that island
while I send you poetry
so that you may stay
to knit the threads of life for me
on this ravelling plane.
In this season between migrations,
vanishing time of nesting,
I listen to the birds discussing rain,
the progress of fledglings,
time for new horizons.
Only the raven watches,
his conversation apocryphal,
guarding the time of passage,
carrying messages between worlds.
For you, the scree of gulls;
for me, the monotone of raven farewell.

©2014 Katherine L. Gordon

The Real Way to Celebrate July 1

Not the fireworks
Nor flags, nor those speeches
That tell what we hope
Instead of what we are

Dianne and I shared a beer
On the deck, reading books
The cat eating a mouse
Freshly caught

The karma of kairosclerosis

The cat does not doubt her happiness
And so is in the shed, feeling sick

Myself, contentment rankles, I’m
Eating my last poem
Freshly caught, thought
Or bought with a poetic melancholy
I cannot, for the moment, find, and
Wonder if I can
Live without now.

©2014 Lenny Everson