Thursday, 12 June 2014

new chapbook release!

My new chapbook, All Here Sail in a River of Light, is a collaboration with Eramosa Valley poet Katherine L. Gordon. We each wrote eight new poems this past April 2014 during National Poetry Month and it's a book of transition from a harsh, cruel Winter to the early serenity of Spring. 

This chapbook can be ordered through Harmonia Press:

Here are a pair of sample poems from All Here Sail in a River of Light:

The Season Arrived in Birdsong

The season arrived in birdsong,
in snowbanks receding like glaciers,
their slow and dripping melt
under a radiant sage of sun
eager to redeem itself
for its many days of absence,
its inability to warm us when we needed it most
and winter’s cruel colding
instilling an innate experience
of Pleistocene hunters and mammoths,
of being bound inside our caves,
of venturing into the ice and wind
while we dreamt of distant greening.

©2014  Andreas Gripp

Absent Spring

We grow cautious
in this thin warmth,
unsure of seasons,
doubting calendars,
carrying coats against sudden chill,
ancient genes rise up in warning
of an earth grown hostile to itinerants
searching icy floods for food and water.
Our customary April is an Innocent Lost,
few birds have braved migration, droop at feeders,
sky not yet glad.
Another page of transformation is written,
sharing and kindness new virtues
but the virtuous not yet appeared.

©2014 Katherine L. Gordon

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