Thursday, 5 June 2014

London book launch for "The Better Kiss" June 10th

Here is the info and participants for an upcoming arts event at The Root Cellar Organic Cafe and Bakery, 623 Dundas Street just east of Adelaide, on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, that includes the launch of my 18th full-length poetry collection, The Better Kiss:

Sketches & Lines showcases a small selection of pieces by London hobby artist, Teresa Daniele. Inspired primarily by the work of Canadian icons Tom Thomson and the group of seven, also drawing upon influences from the impressionist movement and post-impressionist styles most widely associated with the work of Vincent van Gogh, this exhibit traces the artist's evolution in painting, from modest beginnings to a recent progression that embraces bolder colours, freer strokes, and larger canvases. Most pieces will be available for sale by the artist.

A poetry reading by Andreas Gripp, the author of 18 books of poetry including his latest being launched at the Root Cellar called The Better Kiss. Firmly based in the People’s Poetry tradition, he believes that poems can be accessible to all without sacrificing artistic merit. His newest collection of verses tells a story of a complicated love within an urban setting and is interspersed with parallel thoughts on nature and spirituality. In addition to The Better Kiss, other recent books including Andreas Gripp’s Selected Poems will be available for sale at a nominal price.

Charles Innis is an accomplished London musician who is versatile in jazz, world, and other musical expressions. An exceptionally skilled clarinetist, he has accompanied a number of other artists in local bands including The Big Picture. He is also a leading community activist and has played a key role in several organizations, particularly in the northeast end of the city including the Carling-Thames Family Centre and North East London Community Engagement.

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