Friday, 11 April 2014

Katherine L. Gordon -- Leaving the Dark of Winter and Finding Spring

After a very long and difficult winter, Eramosa valley poet Katherine L. Gordon has just released a new chapbook and she has captured the bleakness that many of us experienced in what felt like a new ice age. A testament to surviving the Winter of 2014, Light Rescue, Verses for the Weather Weary (published by Melinda Cochrane International, ISBN 978-0-9936769-6-3) is one of several new poetry projects that Gordon, ever prolific, has been working on.

Many of the poems have a mid-winter theme, and the outlook is indeed grim ...

February Forgets

Yesterday was January’s
quiver of ice and snow,
today the last of winter’s months
February the Roman’s purifier,
mercifully short.
Storming in with more ice and snow
paying no heed to calendared hopes,
promising chocolate, blushing roses,
breaking your heart with icicle lies,
blasphemous blasts,
a rage of cold feet
with nowhere to March.

©2014 Katherine L. Gordon

Not one to leave the reader feeling despondent, Gordon offers up hope that the cruel season will finally come to a close ...

A Need Of Turbulence

Come turbulent March
blow winter away
hint us flowers and spices
from lands hot and fragrant
from the other side of orbit
turn us to a kinder sun
where bare arms can embrace
dark clouds dissipate
grasses beckon bare feet.
We and the tree live again
loose hair and budding leaves
understand each other.

©2014 Katherine L. Gordon

Poet Conrad DiDiodato has said of Katherine L. Gordon that “she’s poet of nature, language and love. But perhaps above all else, Katherine L. Gordon is the true guardian of a true Canadian poetry.” A summation that I easily concur with.

– Andreas Gripp

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  1. Katherine's poetry is forever wonderful

    Helen Bar-Lev