Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Decoy, or Why no one takes me hunting anymore


  1. Thanks, Andreas : ) just had to read a poem with that title. When I moved to rural ON a quarter century ago, I realized I had to adjust to the hillbilly huntin' & fishin' lifestyle or remain very lonely & an outcast. So for the first couple of years I actually hunted (& fished until a few years ago). Even duck hunted, but the guy who first took me never took me again, because I shot my limit & he only shot 3! Another guy continued to take me duck hunting, but I always felt it would be a lot more fun & fair if the ducks could shoot back - even if just BBs! Yeah, wondered about those wooden fellows, all primped up in their finest, the hens as bad as the drakes at luring in would be suitors.
    p.s. I haven't eaten my fellow mammals in about 15 years now ~ wonder what my hillbilly buds make of that one?

  2. thanks for writing in, Chris. it was nice to hear your story. cheers.