Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Parallactic Visions by Gregory Wm. Gunn

The poem below is one of the beauties from Parallactic Visions, the 8th book of poetry by London’s prolific versifier Gregory Wm. Gunn. “The Bard of Byron” has crafted a collection that flows seamlessly out of his 2012 offering, Pseudoeden: A Contemporary Utopia. The vocabulary is complex and eclectic, and the poet continues to explore the displays of nature, episodes of love, as well as a bit of caustic social commentary for good measure.


Dispirited Thrush

On one occasion I tracked
a dispirited thrush.
It encircled the fenland
and my ears were attuned
to the cadence
of the bulrushes,
repeatedly among
the tall blades,
trembling in the breeze
prior to the approaching

On one occasion I tracked
a dispirited thrush.
I discovered a yellow
crested feather buoyed
by the water.
I designated the feather mine,
and pulsing precipitation
poured from my hands.

I tracked my thrush
to a fallen tree where
a young woman lilted
a pleasant melody:
a euphonic resonance
across the dampened grass.

My thrush adored her
and happily lingered.

Gregory Wm. Gunn

81 pages, available from Lulu Press (ISBN 978-1-300-94213-9).



 – Andreas Gripp


  1. Ah,

    so nice to hear from the inimitable Mr. Gunn.

  2. always -- thanks for checking in, Conrad.