Thursday, 19 July 2012

Katherine L. Gordon's Review of Garden Sunrise

Review by Katherine L. Gordon, poet, publisher & literary reviewer:

Garden Sunrise
By Andreas Gripp
Harmonia Press, London, Ontario.
21 pages, $5.00  ISBN: 978-0-9865996-6-8
available from

With a cover like a stained-glass mosaic, lucid with sun and leaves, Andreas Gripp preserves a “Garden Sunrise” for us as a talisman of the sweets of summer, to hold for all seasons.

This is a gentle balm of verses, no prophecies or edicts, no commentaries on our frail condition, just a lovely flow of sweet green visions to comfort us as a gentle summer rain, to wash away all care and leave us with grassy barefoot dreams, “a mirroring of Sol, / its orb and crown / of calm.”

Here is a union with all earthling friends of the garden, all the visiting birds and small creatures who decorate the shrubs and path with their gentle presence. Andreas Gripp has posed a question we must all wonder at times: bird song in the morning may be serious chatter – he calms and compliments them with a Bach symphony “to brighten their day in a break from breakfast gossip” in his wistful, whimsical poem Garden Sunrise.

For the day I bring you is a love poem born of dreams and longing, a planned path adorned to court a lady who may appear during “its blossoming into more.”

Those who dream or dwell in summer gardens will love the grace and beauty of this sojourn. Language, verse and image flow gently as a quiet stream of the season, allowing us “their beloved fruit / they’ve held so tightly.”

Pack it in your summer picnic bag, carry it through the colours of autumn, it will light your winter hours with remembered whispers of idyllic moments.

Katherine L. Gordon, Summer 2012.


  1. Lovely write-up by Katherine, as always.

    I'm a little miffed that James Deahl didn't mention poet Katherine L. Gordon in his Acorn launch in Toronto on July 12th. Katherine and Milt are indistinguishable in their commitment to a uniquely people's poet movement.

    The same 'ol same 'ol (Atwood) get top billing, again at what was supposed to be a people's poetry celebration. Not a word on Katherine...

    It's time to rewrite this story.

  2. hi Conrad,

    Katherine hasn't received her due as a poet and a critic of poetry. Agreed, she brings Canada's natural environment to the people. As for James, I know he's a fan of Katherine and her work so I'm sure no slight was intended.

    I'll send you a copy of the chapbook soon -- it's officially out in August ...

  3. Hey Andreas,

    A resplendid and charming assessment of your most recent Cb. As an avid gardener, I shall await its release with enhanced enthusiasm.
    The cover is magnificently alluring and the contents undoubtedly with be relished.

    Katherine has given the green light to add this to everyone's must-read poety list. Of course, I myself never require any signal to venture forth on the Grippian Verse Avenue.

  4. thanks for that, Greg. the cover art is by Toko Shinoda, btw. i should have a new batch of copies over the next week or so and will mail one out to you. yes, gardening can indeed inspire the literary ...