Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Poetry in Motion 2012

News from The London Arts Council & London's Poet Laureate: The poets for the 2012 Poetry in Motion project have been selected and poems from the following contributors will be featured on city buses here in London, Ontario: Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Lindsey Bannister, Frank Beltrano,
Patricia Black, Carrie Connel, Susan Downe, Tom Cull, Debra Franke, Andreas Gripp, Gaetan LaBelle, Tom Legge, Ola Nowosad, Rob Paynter, R L Raymond, Colleen Thibaudeau, & Deborah Windell.

Curator of the project and Poet Laureate Penn Kemp said, in judging poems for Poetry in Motion, "I was delighted by both the quality and quantity of the submissions, and by their variety. Congratulations to all. The poems chosen are the ones I think to be the most appropriate for LTC. So many are actual bus poems!" Penn was also invited to include one of her poems for Poetry in Motion. This is the second consecutive year that Penn and the LAC have undertaken this initiative.

Each poem will have three display cards within London Transit Commission buses from June 2012-13. The anthology of poems will also be posted on www.londonarts.ca.


Below is my contribution to this project, a re-visiting of an old love poem ...

Unsinkable, at the Centennial

If my love cannot sink
in your sea of splintered floe,
then history does not repeat itself:

for this Titanic won’t be breached,
nor torn and split in two,
and the jagged white ahead   
is merely a piece of floating ice
no match for Her Majesty’s
finest vessel.

Andreas Gripp

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